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Quality Assurance & Production

Elevate your self-published game to new heights with our premium package. We provide thorough quality control, tailored improvement proposals, and specialized stress tests to optimize your game's performance. Alongside quality assurance for promotional materials, our expert consultation empowers you to deliver an outstanding gaming experience independently.

The prices may change based on the Game Phase, workload, and other parameters such as the Automation of IndiePump. You can email us, so we schedule a Call and discuss further more about your Project.

What can you learn

Quality control at any stage
  • Thoroughly check the game at every stage of development to ensure high-quality output.
  • Identify and address any issues that could compromise the game's quality.
  • Ensure that the game is developed in line with industry best practices and standards.
  • Provide regular updates and progress reports to ensure transparency and collaboration.
  • Ensure that the game meets the highest standards of quality and polish.
Detailed proposals with improvements:
  • Provide a comprehensive report on the game's shortcomings with suggestions for improvements.
  • Work with the development team to prioritize and implement improvements.
  • Ensure that improvements are aligned with the game's vision and goals.
  • Continuously evaluate and adjust the game's quality based on feedback and data analysis.
  • Provide ongoing support to ensure the game meets and exceeds the highest standards.
Specialized stress tests
  • Conduct rigorous testing of specific elements of the game to ensure it can handle high traffic and complex scenarios.
  • Test the game's performance under various conditions and across different platforms.
  • Identify and address any performance issues that could impact the game's quality.
  • Use data analysis to optimize the game's performance and ensure it meets industry standards.
  • Continuously test and evaluate the game to ensure it is always performing at its best.
Quality control of promotional materials:
  • Ensure the quality of trailers, screenshots, and other promotional materials that represent the game.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions for improvement to enhance the game's marketing potential.
  • Work with the development team to create engaging and polished promotional materials.
  • Ensure that promotional materials are aligned with the game's vision and goals.
  • Continuously evaluate and adjust promotional materials to ensure they meet industry standards.

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Quality Assurance & Production

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The Quality Assurance & Production service of IndiePump is a comprehensive solution for ensuring high-quality games. Our team provides quality control at every stage of development, specialized stress testing, and detailed proposals for improvements. We also ensure the quality of promotional materials, including trailers, and provide script and proposal creation for trailer scenes. With our service, IndiePump can produce engaging, fun, and polished games that meet the highest standards.


The Payment will be returned in 15 days if you are not receiving the Service based on the Terms & Conditions.

2 reviews for Quality Assurance & Production

  1. Dave

    An amazing playtest with more than 100 content creators and players.

  2. Ares

    Indiepump provided a helpful service that proved crucial in understanding both the strengths and weaknesses of my game. Their assistance in identifying flaws was invaluable, 5/5 in playtesting!

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