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IndiePump has partnered with over 45 indie games, offering marketing and management services to help them grow and self-publish.

We tailor our marketing strategies to each game's development stage and unique features, ensuring community engagement and growth.


While utilizing common marketing techniques, IndiePump stands out with alternative promotion strategies. Our extensive Press and Influencer Database enables us to run successful, targeted campaigns. Furthermore, our expanding Partner Network incorporates companies specializing in Communication, Production, and Education.

At IndiePump, we focus on every detail and explore innovative methods to boost your indie game's visibility and appeal.

We focus on
efficiency & scalability


Quality Assurance
& scalability

IndiePump's Quality Assurance & Production service offers a complete solution for game development, including quality control, stress testing, improvement proposals, and promotional material refinement. The service aims to create engaging, polished games that adhere to the highest standards.

    • Quality Control 80%
    • Stress Testing77%

    Game Structuring
    & Organization

    IndiePump's Game Organization service provides a complete solution for indie developers to build their online presence, attract investors and players, and efficiently promote their games through website management, community building, and marketing materials.

      • Online Presence110%
      • Community Building80%


      IndiePump's Funding Opportunities service offers a complete solution for project funding, including grant applications, crowdfunding campaigns, and targeted niche campaigns. With expert support and partnerships with Venture Studios, IndiePump helps individuals and companies secure funding for their creative projects.

        • Crowdfunding Campaigns100%
        • Grant Applications75%

        & Collaborations

        IndiePump's Distribution and Collaborations Establishment service focuses on promoting games through Early Access Keys, preferential pricing, and platform management. By establishing partnerships with media outlets, content creators, and playtesters, the service aims to increase visibility, gather feedback, and boost game sales.

          • Early Access Release150%
          • Partnership Opportunities80%

          Founder & CEO
          Alexander Gorbenko

          Just your friendly neighborhood Gamification Consultant and Creative Director | It's all about the organization and innovative thinking.

            Co-Founder & CMO
            Theofanis Gavriilidis

            Marketing is not a technique, it's a perspective.

              Graphic Designer
              Eleni Papachatzopoulou

              Eazy is Boring | Art is everywhere

                Data Analyst
                Andrew Deda

                Data is the answer for any possible scenario.


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